Speakers;computer to 5.1 surround sytems

palermo speakers

jl audio

Printers,fax machines,copiers,and scanners;some all-in-one machines.

hp all in one



                      Remote controls

Do you have a broken or lost remote? We probably have one to replace it, so you don't have to get up (from your comfy coach or chair) in order to change the channel again.

We have a wide selection of CD's.
Everything from country to rock and roll,and everything in between.$3.00/each


We also have DVD's for the entire family (Ratings from G to rated R ) $4.00/each


You want VHS movies? We got them,come and get them for just $1.00/each,
(disney/childrens) $2.00/each.

   vcr tapes

We can also satisfy the audiophile with $1.00/each LP's

This is only a small portion of what we have on hand.Due to the nature of our business,items come and go so rapidly,it's sometimes difficult to find time to update the website.